Is it time to get rid of your unwanted treasures? Has your car ever seen the inside of your garage? Did your old appliance quit working and you need to get rid of it? Are you a landlord or property investor that needs to clean out a house or apartment? Did last night's windstorm leave you with a pile of branches and tree limbs to haul away? Is your hot tub just an eyesore on your deck? Has your storage shed seen better days? Do you...?

Established in 2008 AC Trash Hauling is located in the heart of Hamilton County. Our primary focus is to provide hauling services to individuals, landlords, and small businesses looking for a cost effective and efficient solution to hauling and disposal needs. As the company grew our clients began to request additional services. We grew from a hauling/cleanout company to a multi-faceted company that provides Asset Preservation services which includes cleanouts/trash outs, lawn care, carpet removal, drywall removal, pumping of flooded basements, winterizations, and final cleaning.

Conversations with our best customers start out with "I don't know if you can do this but..." Bring us your challenge. We haul ALMOST everything.

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